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*URGENT* Due to the storm on Friday night, regional matches have been rescheduled to conflict with the following tryout: M16 A & AA (2003) 

The tryout will be canceled on Sunday, September 23 exclusively. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and invite all players who are interested to attend the tryout on Sunday, September 30 @ 19:30-21:00.

If you have questions or concerns please contact

360x270 REC

Lakeshore Soccer Club has one of the largest Soccer Recreation Divisions in not only Quebec but Canada. We are constantly striving to improve and value each and every member from our players to our volunteer coaches and division managers. 

360x270 Competitive

Lakeshore Soccer Club, along with other clubs, form representative teams from our Recreational ranks through a try-out process. These teams then play other similarly built teams from other clubs in a Youth League which offers competition from U-9 to U-19.

360x270 Coach

Our coaches and Lakeshore Soccer Club strive to be recognized as a model organization, providing the best in soccer developmental programs for all skill levels; from recreational, competitive to elite high performance players.


Lakeshore Soccer Club’s referees are dedicated to serve all ages of soccer at the local and competitive levels. Experienced staff trains the referees in the Laws of the Game and the methods of officiating a soccer match.

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