In Recreational, the teams are formed from within the Lakeshore Soccer Club (i.e. Beaconsfield, Baie D'Urfé, Kirkland, St Anne de Bellevue, and Senneville). There are other soccer clubs from nearby municipalities (i.e Dollard, Pierrefonds, Pointe Claire, ...) that also have house league programs. Each club, forms representative teams from their recreational ranks through a try-out process. These teams then play other similarly built teams from other clubs.

The teams play in a league called the Youth League which offers competition from U-9 to U-19. The Youth League is operated by the ARS Lac St Louis and you can learn more about it by visiting their web site. The competitive level in the Youth League is a little higher than House League. More dedication to player development is expected at this level from not just the players but the coaches as well. If you are serious about learning how to play soccer, then this league is for you. If you are interested in trying out for a Youth League (Intercity) team then check this website in September for the try-out schedule. Most Youth League teams begin practicing indoors in early November with an expanded roster made up of players from the previous year and players from the try-outs. Practicing continues for 6 months during which time the players are taught new skills and the coaches evaluate all the players. After the winter session, the coaches must choose their summer rosters. 7-aside teams usually carry 13 players while 11-aside teams usually carry 16 players which means that some players selected for the winter training session must be cut. Players who are not selected for the summer team will still benefit greatly from the winter training and may be called up for games during the summer.



You play at the rhythm you train at, If you train badly, you play badly. If you work like a beast in training, you play the same way.

Pep Guardiola

Our Mission

The Mission of Lakeshore Soccer club is to create, develop and grow the skills, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game of soccer. We are also committed to developing coaches to the highest level through a quality instructional program.

Our Vision

Our coaches and Lakeshore Soccer Club strive to be recognized as a model organization, providing the best in soccer developmental programs for all skill levels; from recreational, competitive to elite high performance players. 

Our Values

Our coaches must ensure that, through their efforts, Lakeshore Soccer Club is able to:

  • Demonstrate respect, honesty, and integrity between coaches, players and parents
  • Conduct itself in a fair, credible, and trustworthy manner
  • Be responsive to the needs of those it serves
  • Pursue excellence in its programs and operations
  • Promote safety for all its participants
  • Instill a love and respect for all aspects of the game
  • Promote and encourage high standards of sportsmanship and fair play

Defeats, rejections, injuries, football is full of setbacks. Setbacks help to mould you, they influence your future. You can either go through setbacks, or you can grow through setbacks. Either way, you decide.

Derek Kavanagh (Keep it on the Deck)