Club Philosophy

The Lakeshore Soccer Club's primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive soccer experience for the player, coach, referee, and parent.

For players, the emphasis will be on the development of each and every player so that their experience with the Lakeshore Soccer Club will encourage them to continue their participation in soccer with renewed enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment.

For coaches and referees, the club will emphasize continual training and ensure that they impart the philosophy of the club on all our members.

The Lakeshore Soccer Club is a place to learn and enjoy the game of soccer!

Coaching Philosophy

Our coaches are key representatives of the Lakeshore Soccer Club and, as such, need to present the club's mission, vision and values.

Our Mission:

The Mission of Lakeshore Soccer club is to create, develop and grow the skills, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game of soccer. We are also committed to developing coaches to the highest level through a quality instructional program.

Our Vision:

Our coaches and Lakeshore Soccer Club strive to be recognized as a model organization, providing the best in soccer developmental programs for all skill levels; from recreational, competitive to elite high performance players.

Our Values:

Our coaches must ensure that, through their efforts, Lakeshore Soccer Club is able to:

Demonstrate respect, honesty, and integrity between coaches, players and parents
Conduct itself in a fair, credible, and trustworthy manner
Maintaining the club's focus and priorities as it pertains to player development and participation and encouraging the parents to do the same.
Pursue excellence in its programs and operations
Promote safety for all its participants
Instill a love and respect for all aspects of the game
Promote and encourage high standards of sportsmanship and fair play