To all our members affected by winter training:                                                                 


We understand that some of you have been taken aback from our “no refunds” statement for the time being, on our winter programs. The Club would like to point out some serious issues it is facing during these difficult times.


The Club is in a difficult financial position as are most amateur associations in Canada and elsewhere. The Club is working at cutting costs where possible, are looking for municipal, provincial, and federal support, and looking for short and long term financial aid. We are also, unfortunately, shuffling our administrative and technical responsibilities to fewer personnel, in order to save on our payroll expenses.


At this time, we are vigorously negotiating with our suppliers for better rates, and we are slowly receiving confirmations for winter refunds on gyms. School boards, private gyms, and private schools have been difficult to communicate with because of skeleton staff, but we are in contact at this time. The Club, however, has a more difficult task, with negotiations with our current landlord of the Baie d’Urfe dome. We are working with the landlord to come to a common agreement regarding our monthly payments to them. Please understand, that any problems that circumvent from the discussions with the dome landlord, may affect any future rentals Lakeshore Soccer will have in 2020 and beyond. Although the civil law states “force majeur” takes precedence, we have to be diligent in discussions for the Club’s future to stay intact.


I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. Our goal is to refund you as much as possible and in due time. We are currently examining various ways and options to refund, in part or totally, the weeks lost due to the exceptional circumstances we are living. We are discussing the possibilities of offering a credit for the next winter program, borrowing to refund, spreading out the refunds over a few months/a year or a combination of those. The viability of the Club is at stake. Once we tie up the best refund scenario possible and negotiations with the Dome Landlord have concluded to the Club's satisfaction, we will then issue to the membership a refund scenario that is sustainable.


We fully understand that amateur soccer is way down the list of priorities at this point, but we surely feel the passion and love from all our members, who have made this Club, one of the best in Quebec and Canada.


Stay safe, and be well.

Lakeshore Soccer Club