Good day Lakeshore Soccer Club member,


First off, and most importantly; we trust that you and your family are all keeping well and staying safe. 


Secondly, we wanted to touch base with those of you who had their winter seasons cut short, as well as everyone who has registered for the 2020 summer; whether it’s on the competitive side, the houseleague side, the CDC program, Sonics, camps…  OR if you have yet to register due to hesitation over paying registration fees and the daunting question about what ‘if’ there is no summer season after-all. 


So for the winter programs that came to an abrupt halt, the club had no choice at this time to take the following position:


Under ordinary/non-Pandemic circumstances, there are no refunds granted for the winter season; due to on-going costs that need to be covered by the participants; ie: dome/gym rental contracts.  Said contracts still need to be paid, and are done so with the registration fees collected for the winter months.


Sadly, the COVID-19 is a Global Pandemic that has left all of us scrambling to get through it.  Issuing refunds from a non-for profit organization that has no coffers in the event of such an event, would quite likely have irreparable financial damage to the Club.  So with that being said, when all is said and done, and the 2020-2021 budget is being prepared; the board will look to see if there is anyway of off-setting some of those fees with an over-all slight reduction then, in lieu of an even smaller individual one now.  



And as far as the summer leagues and programs are concerned, the club wants you to know this:


If the unthinkable happens, and the summer season is shortened and/or cancelled all together; it’s important you know that club fees paid towards any of the summer 2020 leagues and/or programs (Summer registration, CDC, etc.) will be partially or fully refunded. The extent of the refund will be contingent on the summer season start date. Any applicable refunds will be returned in a timely fashion.


All efforts are being made to provide a season for our athletes; however, the Club continues to follow direction from the Provincial and Federal Government. We will continue to share more details as they become available


What we want to stress upon you is that we are working behind the scenes as though the season WILL absolutely take place, even though the start date is the unknown factor at this time. 


We’re following the governance of our regional office, under the umbrella of our Provincial office, who falls under the National office who ultimately takes their decision vis a vis the government guidelines and ruling.  So as soon as the green light is lit – we want to be ready to get out on the field and get the kids playing soccer. What will help expedite things at that time is having the players duly registered and provincially validated. All this can be done while in the confines of the current situation either through the on-line registration OR by contacting the club office where they will guide you accordingly in order to get the process done asap. 


We trust you’ll understand the position we’re in, and that together we hope to see it through to the other side stronger.  


Keep you and your families’ safe; as that’s the most important thing - and we’ll see you soon!  



Your Team at the Lakeshore Soccer Club