Cannolis 4 Kids

On August 29th, go to DelMonaco and pick up cannolis. For every $1 spent on cannolis AT LEAST $1 will go towards children’s hospitals. This happens because DelMonaco donates about 25% of the purchase and we have a whole bunch of corporate sponsors (at least 3 so far) who match that donation.


I’ve been asking everyone to pick up a dozen (either regular or mini-cannoli) and share them with your family / friends / coworkers.


The guys at DelMonaco have also agreed that if you also want cannolis for an event a few days after the 29th, you can come pay for them on that day and arrange for your pick up on a later date. (must be bought on the 29th though)


DelMonaco opened a second location in Laval and this year, both locations will serve this great occasion. Our goal is to raise $5,000 this year for the kids hospitals.


DelMonaco cannolis are truly awesome, so there is no better way to help sick kids than buying cannolis on this day. I’ve attached a flyer, please send this out to as many people as possible in the Montreal area. Put this in your calendar, tell your boss, tell your neighbors, share with your social groups and sporting associations.


Thanks for sharing,

Derek Kopke

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