Each year, ARS Lac St-Louis selects 7 referees to participate in the Jean-Yves Phaneuf International Soccer Tournament in Granby on Labour Day weekend. Referees are selected based on competence, professionalism and work ethic on and off the field (administrative duties). 

Referees from all over the province are hosted by the tournament and are provided food and accommodations. Referees are assessed by regional assessors and the FSQ assessors also circulate the fields looking for talented referees. Games are usually assigned based on the previous day's performances, so all referees are encouraged to give maximum effort in every game. While on-field performance is key, referees are also assessed based on their off-field behaviour. Many referees have used this tournament as a way of promoting themselves through the ranks at the regional and provincial levels. 


Robert D'Alesio
Coordonnateur à l'arbitrage
Association Régionale de Soccer du Lac St-Louis