To all our clubs

In reference to some disgraceful incidents that took place on our fields, and even extending beyond our sport areas through the use of the social network such as Facebook, the Lac StLouis Regional Association is taking a drastic step toward by reinforcing the rules of the Quebec Soccer Federation in regards to hostile language.

31. Anyone who speaks in a hostile or defamatory, that is insubordinate or who questions the honesty of the Federation or one of its members will be brought before the disciplinary committee which has jurisdiction in this case and may be awarded a suspension of five (5) years maximum and / or a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($ 1,000).

It is then the responsibility of the clubs to instruct their members of this policy.

The campaign aims to systematically eradicate violence, written, verbal, gestural or physical, and allow all affiliated members to practice their sport in a pleasant and safe environment.

We thank you all for your valuable support in cleaning out our sport.

~ Édouard Saint-Lô