Good evening.  Just a heads up on Wednesday night we will be hosting a
public consultation at the arena for the train project.  We have asked all
participants to use the dedicated parking on hymus that we have secured and
we will have security on site directing people. The parking lots at the
complex have been set aside for our regular activities like baseball soccer
and fitness. Please let your people know that they can park in the parking
lot and just to let security know they are with activities and not the
public consultation

Mike Klaiman (city of Kirkland) 


on Wednesday night at the sports complex in Krikland there is a major public consultation happening for the train.  With this I want to make you aware that we expect the parking lots to be extremely busy.  Please let your teams and visiting teams know that parking could be an issue and to arrive early in case they need to walk from their locations.

Mike Klaiman (city of Kirkland) 

The members of the Kirkland Town Council invite Kirkland residents to an Evening of Information and Discussion on the future REM station in Kirkland:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
at 7 p.m.
Kirkland Sports Complex
16950, Hymus Blvd.